Affordable Professional Woodcarving Knives & Kit  from Mora of Sweden

Professional quality Mora of Sweden wood carving tools from Frosts of Sweden and Scanmix Corp. Single edge curved wood carving knife from Mora of Sweden Knives of Sweden
Mora of Sweden models 105, 120, 164 and 220. A high quality knife or any other carving tool is one of the most important necessities for successful carving. Nothing will cause you to lose interest in your carving faster than poor design, dull blades or slippery handles. The region in Sweden where Mora of Sweden is located is famous for its skilled woodcarving craftsman and the famous Swedish "Dala Horse".  Mora of Sweden has been the market leader for more than a century for producing the best wood working tools available.

We have put together an affordable woodcarvers kit of the finest professional quality. Handles are fashioned of solid birch wood. The kit includes the following 4 tools.

Frost Model Blade mm (inches) Overall Length in mm
Mora of Sweden 105 narrow blade, big handle. Laminate steel 79 (3") 200
Mora of Sweden 120 Classic. Laminate steel 49 (2") 157
Mora of Sweden 164 single edge, hook, carbon. 52 (2") 160
Mora of Sweden 220 Two handled wood splitting knife. carbon 107 (4 1/4") 342

Professional Woodcarvers Set, includes all 4 tools!     Only $132.00   

Quantity:    Woodcarver set = Best buy and free shipping!    

220 woodsplitting knife for woodcarving kit from Frosts of Sweden and Scanmix

220 wood-splitting knife


Frosts classic woodcarvers' knives: The 105BK has a laminated steel narrow blade, and sure-grip big handle. The 120BK has a 2 inch laminated steel blade and large easy to hold handle.  The 164BK is a single edge hooked blade knife. These knives are an essential part of any Wood Carver's Tool Kit (offered above), or if you would just like to try the craft, you can buy selected knives below separately.

Genuine Woodcarving Knives
 $32.00  F-120BK Quantity:
$32.00 F105BK  Quantity:

$45.00 F-220BK Quantity:

$36.00 F-164BK Quantity:
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